Balance & Harmony

Specialised feed for advanced aquaculture technology

Orbit at a glance

Orbit at a glance

➤ ORBIT is a range of aquafeeds designed for advanced farming technologies like recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS).

➤ ORBIT aims to maximise the performance of both fish and the biofilter.

➤ ORBIT is ideal for intensive farming systems or in farms where reduction or greater stability of faeces is required.

Orbit - for balance and harmony

For balance and harmony (content)


Solid Performance

High digestible energy provides good growth and low conversion rate 

Water Quality 

For optimal ratio between highly digestible protein and energy utilisation of nutrients into growth. 

Stable & Easily Collectable Faeces  Raw materials are selected and combined to ensure faeces with the right consistency


Step 1

Carefully selected raw materials

Raw materials are analysed and graded according to their performance in various faecal quality evaluations and given a score according to their effects on faecal stability.

Step I. Raw materials are tested for 6 parameters:

Step 2

Linking the faeces stability

Raw materials are graded: the higher the value, the more suitable it is for use in ORBIT feeds. Diets optimised for faeces structure results in the lowest possible impact on the production unit.

Step II. Linking the faeces stability measures to importance in recirculation units:

Faeces matters

Faeces matters

It is vital to optimise water quality parameters so faecal matter can be easy and efficient to collect.

Step I and II illustrate that through the right feed formulation faeces quality can be manipulated to excerting the lowest possible impact on the water quality.

ORBIT’s strength lays in the knowledge obtained from BioMar’s extensive research and development studies on raw materials and faecal quality.

ORBIT feeds are formulated to ensure easily collectable faeces, which reduces biofilter load and suspended material in RAS unit.

Faeces samples collected for analyses
Digestibility matters

Digestibility matters

The digestibility of proteins and lipids matter in recirculating aquaculture systems to ensure maximum performance of the fish and the system. By increasing the protein digestibility, improving the right amino acid profile and increasing lipids in ORBIT feeds, proteins are used for growth instead of just being catabolised. 

ORBIT feeds are formulated with a well-balanced digestible protein and digestible energy ratio (DP:DE) which is specially designed to meet the specific needs of recirculating aquaculture systems.

  • Maximum fish performance

  • Less nitrogen discharge / improved water quality

  • Reduced feed conversion rate / improved profitability


The right amino acid profile provided by the right combination of raw materials gives increased digestibility and high retention of the proteins.


When energy comes from the breakdown of protein, the result is undigested nitrogen, which is released as ammonia from the gills and urine. It is important to increase the utilisation of lipids as the energy source, which results in less nitrogen discharge in the water.

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